In this tutorial Kathi teaches a few of her favorite pole and dance moves on the floor around the pole. Make sure you did a proper warm-up before doing this tutorial. For enjoying these moves to the fullest, your should already be able to do shoulder rolls and a safe knee hook will help you as well with that. This video includes several options for different level.

To prevent injury please get warmed up with our free video Warm Up #1 before you start with this class.


Born in Hamburg, Kathi is doing dance since her childhood. She started pole in 2008 and is known for her elegant and fluid movements. Kathi has a great teaching experience in classes for fitness, workout and pole dance.

  • Co-Owner NORDpole Studios
  • cert. Pole Dance Trainerin since 2012
  • Aerobic & Workout - Trainerlizenz B since 2010
  • Yoga teacher
  • Winner Pole Theatre Germany Classique (Semi Pro) 2017
  • Finalist Pole Theatre UK Classique (Professional) 2018 

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